Document Managament Systems

Document Managament Systems

Manage your Archive with Ease. Datamatics provides an electronic Document Management System that is easy to integrate, organise and manage your document archive in any organisation. Using our document management system will help you centralise all of your documents, old or new in an online hub, enabling you to access the documents easily with a touch of a button. The document management system that's provided by Datamatics holds the ability to access, alter & store documents on a central server. Saving this data in a centralised server reduces the time taken to retrieve information while making it available remotely as well.

We provide Document Management Systems for the following sectors:

  • Insurance sectors
  • Financial sectors
  • Public sectors
  • Pharma sectors
  • Banking sectors
  • Telecom sectors

Few of the advantages of our Document Management System:

  • A multitude of supported formats
  • Antivirus check on upload of a document
  • Ensures strong security
  • Hassle-free backup service
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Smooth business automation process
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